How to get dirty Beauty Blender clean as new

Most of us use BEAUTY BLENDERS and  really love them, however the problem is always that they end up looking dirty and dingy and they’re difficult to get all of the makeup stains out.  Even if you get a lot of the makeup out,  you still have stains.

I have discovered a way that works extremely well to take care of this problem!!   I can get my pink Beauty Blender looking brand new each and every time I clean it.  Follow these steps!

STEP 1:  you need to wash it as you normally would just with some basic soap to get a lot of excess makeup out, do this till runs clear.

STEP 2:  take some olive oil and saturated and and deep rub, squeeze through, rinse and repeat till runs clear.  (Depending how stained it is you may have to do this a few times,  esp on the darker foundation spots) Rinse till runs clear.

STEP 3:  use DR. BRONNERS CASTILE CLEANSING  (CVS, WALGREENS) soap either in the bar or the liquid form and continue to use that soap.   It will break down the oil in the process as well and get all of that oil out and all remaining makeup.  

**In fact I use Dr. Bronner’s only,  for cleaning all of my brushes as well.  It comes in many scents and is gentle enpugh for use on body.  I use the bar for brushes and liquid for deep cleaning the BB.. nothing gets them as clean!

I hope this process works for you leave me a comment and let me know

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